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Moriel Infrastructure Group is an infrastructure development and road construction company driven by unparalleled entrepreneurial expertise. We are involved in all aspects of infrastructure lifecycle; from concept development (R&D), studies through to in-house construction, operations and maintenance. Sectors, include but not limited to road construction, rail, engineering, general infrastructure construction, electrical infrastructure and renewable energy, water and sanitation, mining, oil & gas, real estate. Our group consist of a few business units, operating under various brand names and geographical locations. 

Moriel Infrastructure Group is registered with the Construction Industry Development Board (CIBD) as a 7SK, 6CE and 6SB company.

We are proud to be a B-BBEE Level One contributor and CIBD  7SK, 6CE and 6SB.


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Moriel Infrastructures Group's main focus is on infrastructure development, based in South Africa, Africa and beyond. We are not merely transforming land, we believe in the quality creation of built infrastructure and the power of design but more importantly we believe in the realization of our clients dream in quality infrastructure.

Moriel Infrastructure Group ventures in business opportunities that revolve around infrastructure development management in South Africa. We are able to identify problems that require a solid solution that serves at the best interest of our client and the people of South Africa at large. We are therefore regarded for our research and forecasting in the infrastructure, maintenance and project management services.

At Moriel Infrastructure Group we understand that infrastructure is an integral part of an economic, social and environmental system. South Africa’s infrastructure network should be efficient in order to maximize economic and social benefits; they play a significant role in achieving national development and contributing to the overall performance and social functioning of the community. We acknowledged that infrastructure enhance economies, is indeed talking people out of isolation and poverty when we work hand in hand with people within their communities.

Our vision is to be South Africa’s preferred infrastructure development group, providing the best possible and effective services. Our passion for accountability and innovative approach to our client’s needs, that ensures excellence in the infrastructure development industry, that ensures quality services at all times.

  • Excellence
  • Innovation
  • Accountability
  • Passion

Community Development

Moriel Infrastructure Group aims to be more involved in community programmes, which we believe is a practical and successful way of promoting employment, skills development, training and economic empowerment in a targeted and sustainable way. At Moriel we believe that when we empower communities in our projects; we become more fruitful and productive knowing we are making a positive impact in people’s lives.

Our occupational health safety and environmental system aims at;

Health and safety procedures

  • Injury on duty prevention
  • Prevention against property damage
  • Economic loss reduction

Therefore we are committed to;

  • Comply with applicable health and safety legislation
  • Support efforts improvement to health safety in the work place
  • Promote health and safety training

Environmental policy

  • We control the use of material resources to minimize waste.
  • We provide a safe and healthy working environment for our employees and clients
  • We comply with all environmental legal obligation
  • We at Moriel Infrastructure Group regularly do inspection and do planned maintenance
  • We also do adequate training and supervision of operators and compliance with the code and conducts of the health and safety regulations

Who Are We Aiming To Reach

Our target market does not limit us to how much we can do, we believe no job is too small or too big for us to accomplish, therefore we are aiming to work hand in hand with the following organizations:

  • Government Departments (both National and Provincial Departments)
  • Municipalities ( within the Metropolitan, District and local Municipalities)
  • Infrastructure development agencies
  • Blue chip companies
  • Large construction corporations